preview fancy food show

humboldt fog wedding cake by foodietots.

If you’ve never been to The Fancy Food show in New York or San Francisco, maybe you don’t eat enough.  It’s a trade show so it’s not exactly open to the public but you need to find a way in.  Wall to wall food.  It’s a convention hall – and I mean a big one – filled with gourmet products from around the world.  We’re talking Parma ham for Italy.  Red wine from Brazil.  Olives from Greece.  Chocolates from  Venezuela.  Cheese from the fields of Switzerland, England, New York, Australia – every country that sports a cow.  This will be my first year as an exhibitor – I’ve attended the past few years as a press member or, more accurately, a grazer like the dairy cows.   I’ll be in San Francisco January 17-19 ( with the Savor California group ( and we’re serving salsas, cheeses, fruits, nuts, chocolates – a microcosm of the show itself .  Props to humboldt fog on flickr for the cheesy (yum) photo above.

A few more shots…

My booth will look something like this…

Happy Chocolates are designed to make you just that.

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