The biggest celebration of dia de los meurtos or Day of the Dead in America is at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles.  Part art walk, part street festival, all souls are welcome.  The tradition is rooted in the ancient civilzations of Mesoamerica (Maya, Aztec and more) and are the same ones that developed chocolate from their native cacao trees.  People decorate alters with memorabilia, marigolds, candles, bread and sugar skulls to attract the souls of their beloved departed.  In Mexico, where the tradition continues, a cup of hot chocolate entices with its fragrance, and then promises to fuel the travelling spirit as it continues its journey through the afterlife.  Mexico has been serving a Halloween special of death and chocolate for a long time.  Spooky!

skeleton of butterfliesIMG_0319AZTEC CHIEF WITH ON-LOOKERS

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